Deep down you just know. Who you were, who you are, who you want to become. You know what you desire and what you dream of. And deep down I always knew. That I’m a restless soul, a free spirit. With occasional flashes of creativity.
There are times when I’m withdrawn, caught in my thoughts. And there are times when I’m brimming with energy. Always a dreamer, with the head in the clouds. Always dreaming of far away places, foreign lands, new roads and challenges. Always adoring moonlight and starry skies. Wishing to feel the wind in my hair, sand between my toes, sunshine and raindrops on my skin, listening to the sounds of forests and the ocean. But I’m also someone who, in the end, always comes back home.
A good book and a movie, a glass of wine and the autumn mists embracing the vineyards of Prlekija. You know, the small pleasures in life. Billions of stars in the skies over Australian Outback and the feeling of peace and zen over the Grand Canyon. The ice-cold beauty of the North and the fiery poetry of the desert. The smile that you only get when you are on the road. That slowly disappears in the distance. When there is nothing behind you and everything ahead of you. Just the road. The little things. The feeling of freedom. The absolute Freedom… the Paradise for Restless Souls.
And this is it. This is me.