There are places where I get that special feeling. The feeling that it doesn’t matter. That it’s not important. That the only thing that matters is here and now. Places, where you don’t reflect on the past and you don’t think about the future. Places where you simply exist.

In Trinidad, I didn’t care. Trinidad was relaxed and peaceful. Days were hot and sunny. Nights had a soft breeze from the ocean. The streets came alive after sunset. Bars and restaurants were open to the streets. With people living for the here and now. Living in the present. Cuban music… just so vibrant. With a touch of romance and nostalgia. No stress, no expectations.

The company was just right, there were mojitos and cigars. Long talks, laughing and dancing on the streets. No stress, no worries. Maybe the best farewell to the old and the best welcome of the new year so far. No stress, no expectations.

In the end, it’s the expectations that kill us. Quietly and from the inside. What should have happened, what we should have done, what we cannot live without. Scenarios we write for ourselves in our heads. That surprise surprise… in reality, never really work out. It’s the expectations that fuck us up the most in life. How our life should be, what we should be doing with it and what paths we should take. How people should behave towards us and the boundaries we should never cross.

Expectations are maybe the worst kind of dictatorship. They take away the magic of life. The magic of the moment, of time and of place. The simple pleasure of closing your eyes and feeling the music. Its vibrations on your skin and the flow of energy pumping through your veins. They take away the joy you find in the little things. The music that makes you smile and dance through the night. The taste of mojito in your mouth. The cigars that make you look oh so nonchalant.

It’s the expectations that kill us from the inside.Because we forget what really counts. The life itself. That’s why I need places like Trinidad. Places that make me remember that life is what really counts. Without expectations.

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