Havana #2

Walking down the streets of Havana, I felt like I was in a different, parallel world. There are beautiful buildings from colonial era, but they are slowly on the verge of destruction. Sometimes they are already in ruins. I felt like everything was taken from them. All they had left was: their pride. Their stoical and aristocratical posture amazed me every time and got me thinking. Maybe they can take away everything, break everything, destroy everything. But they can never take away who you really are, they can never take away your pride. And force you to bow your head forever. These buildings are a sign of resistance against, sometimes unbearable, need of humans to destroy. A resistance against vanity of people.

And then, Havana surprises you. With its rich, inspiring, beautiful art. That grows and evolves no matter what. It surprises with its creativity, colourfulness and playfulness. With the eclectic mixture of colours, styles and materials. It is oh so inspiring. Forcing you to go deep down, deep into your soul. It forces you to look for it. Because sometimes great artworks hide in plain sight. In patios or in the middle of vibrant city squares. They invite you to try, to catch their beauty in this moment in time. Before it’s gone forever.

And this too is Havana.

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